In addition to reviewing these frequently asked questions (FAQ), we also refer you to our About Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages for further information, noting that they should be read in conjunction with one another.

How are you different to other freelancing platforms?

We are focusing on customers in Australia seeking high quality writers with an Australian voice.

Who will be able to see the information I provide to Prozely?

Our Privacy Policy outlines where your information goes and how we handle it.

What types of writers do customers on Prozely need?

Customers on Prozely work across a broad range of industries, and require everything from blog articles to product descriptions. We want to be in a position where a customer on Prozely can request written Australian content of any variety (within reason) and we will be in a position to source it. We are in the early stages now though, so watch this space.

Do customers on Prozely also require editors?

Yes, we intend to provide a facility for our customers to retain editors, both for individual jobs and in respect to editing the work of Prozely writers as an added feature.

What if I don’t have much Australian writing experience?

At the moment we are focusing on Australian writers or writers with an Australian voice. We believe that the origins of a writer comes through in their writing and it is this niche that we believe will set us apart from other content providers. We are happy to take your application and make an assessment, as we do with all our applications. As we use a tiered rate structure, writers are paid a set rate depending on their experience and feedback from customers. On this basis, a lack of Australian experience would be considered when setting your tier level and whether we accept you as a writer on Prozely.

How much do writers get paid?

Rates are agreed on a per-contract basis. We use a tiered rate structure (rather than a bidding system, as some other freelancing platforms do). Writers are paid 70% of the tiered rates set by Prozely for the writer’s customers. Writers achieve their status depending on their experience and feedback from the writer’s customers. The price paid per word is job dependent but some examples of rates are as follows:

Budget tier writer = AUD$0.10 per word (AUD$0.11 inclusive of GST) with writers receiving AUD$0.07 per word (AUD$0.077 inclusive of GST)

Standard tier writer = AUD$0.20 per word (AUD$0.22 inclusive of GST) with writers receiving $0.14 per word (AUD$0.154 inclusive of GST)

Upper tier writer = AUD$0.40 per word (AUD$0.44 inclusive of GST) with writers receiving $0.28 per word (AUD$0.308 inclusive of GST)

Top tier writer = AUD$0.80 per word (AUD$0.88 inclusive of GST) with writers receiving $0.56 per word (AUD$0.616 inclusive of GST)

Why can't writers set their own rates?

The feedback we've received from writers who have used other freelancing platforms where writers bid for jobs is that these quickly become a race to the bottom, with writers outbidding each other on jobs by reducing their rates. We are avoiding this situation by using a fixed rate structure. And of course, when writers are notified of new jobs, we will always inform them what the rate is so that they can decide whether to accept the job.

How and when do writers get paid?

When a payment is received by Prozely from a writer’s customer, Prozely will deduct 30% of the payment and pay the balance to the writer upon completion of the job to the satisfaction of the writer’s customer. Writers are paid by Prozely monthly on the first business day of each month with the writer’s completed assignments from the previous month being tallied. More details can be found in the Terms and Conditions. Once tallied, we pay via bank transfer into an Australian bank account (which may take a few days to process by both our bank and the writer’s bank).

How do writers receive and accept jobs?

Customers provide jobs to writers via the job brief page on the Prozely website. Writers who are accepted are initially provided jobs based on the strength of their experience, writing samples and their initial application. Writers will be assigned a rating after receiving sufficient customer feedback from completed writing assignments. A writer’s rating level can improve (or decline) as assignments are completed in light of feedback from a writer’s customers or otherwise.

Customers place orders with writers using a pay-per-word order form using the rates preset by Prozely that vary depending on the writer's rating. Writers are required to fulfill the order requirements as given on the order form. Once an order is submitted, the customer can either approve the content or request revisions. Writers must comply with two free revision requests if the customer returns the a submission with comments and the revisions are within the terms of the original brief. If the customer’s brief changes or if the customer requires more than two revisions, a new brief must be submitted or a dispute resolution process will need to be entered between the writer and the customer. When an order is approved, the rights to the content are transferred to the customer and the writer is paid for their work.

Customers order content from the writers and provide instructions on each order. Orders can contain links, attachments and required SEO keywords. Customers only pay for content they approve—which should always meet the specifications and order requirements. Funds are held in escrow by Prozely during any dispute between a writer and a customer.

Do writers have to pay to use this service?

Prozely is free to use for writers to search for and obtain jobs. Prozely takes a percentage of each job obtained through Prozely as a fee.

Do writers have to be an Australian citizen or resident to apply?

Our customers are looking for quality writers with an Australian voice, a general knowledge of Australian life and experience writing for Australian customers. We do also require writers to have an ABN (if based in Australia) and an Australian bank account. If you meet this criteria, then please feel free to apply.

Note that all of the work is done online. Writers are not required to be on-site for any of the writing assignments, but customers may prefer writers who are based in the same time zone to ease communication.

Do writers need an ABN?

If you are based in Australia, an ABN is required.

Is there an option for an express job and if so what is the cost?

At this stage, there is no automatic option for express jobs although we intend to eventually implement such a service. Should you require your job within a certain timeframe, please indicate this in the job brief and a decision will be made on any additional cost at the discretion of Prozely and upon agreement between the writer and the customer.

Is there a minimum commitment for writers?

Some customers require one-off jobs whereas others require recurring jobs – for example, they may require a blog article to be written every week. We understand that many of our writers have external commitments, so writers are free to pick and choose the jobs that suit their availability and expertise.

Is GST included in the writers’ rates?

Yes, GST is included in all our rates. If a writer is registered for GST, they must disclose this to Prozely so the correct invoicing can occur.

Who owns the intellectual property of a writer’s work?

Writers own the copyright until the writer’s customer approves the work and the writer is paid, at which point the copyright transfers to the customer. A writer’s customer is allowed to request two revisions of the work. The writer’s customer has deposited sufficient funds to Prozely to satisfy the order, so writers are guaranteed payment for successful completion of the order. Writers can request assistance for orders where they feel the writer’s customer may be taking advantage of the revision process.

Do writers get to add their name to work they provide to customers?

For the moment, all work will be ghostwritten. As Prozely develops and as writers’ profiles on Prozely grow, we will likely add the option to have a writer’s name written against a piece of work, potentially with a bonus fee structure to credit the writer.

Who is behind Prozely?

Prozely is a Sydney based company and its directors have backgrounds in content marketing, law and computer engineering. Read more about Prozely on our About Us page.

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